LibreOffice Certification Program

Berlin, May 7, 2012 – The Document Foundation announces the Certification Program, to foster the provision of professional services around LibreOffice and help the growth of the ecosystem of the world’s best free office suite. The program is outlined on the following page:

“The Certification Program will recognize the competence of individuals capable of developing and supporting LibreOffice, provide integration services around the suite, offer training and maintenance, and migrating enterprises deployments from proprietary to free software”, comments Italo Vignoli, Member of the Board of Directors of The Document Foundation. “TDF Certification is an opportunity for sponsors, TDF members and third parties, to build a business around LibreOffice, to help companies of any kind and size to get the most out of the best free office suite ever”.

Comments to the quoted blog post, please.

Making a PDF anyone can edit

Simon Phipps has made a how-to video about making hybrid PDFs, demonstrating the feature described in his ComputerWorld UK article The Magic of Editable PDFs, which I had blogged about previously.

Printed copies of v3.4 Writer Guide now available

Writer Guide 3.4 cover

Individual chapters and the full book are available on the wiki. A printed copy can be purchased here.

Other books for v3.4 (Draw Guide, Impress Guide, Calc Guide, Math Guide) in various stages of completion are also on that wiki page. More help is always welcomed by the Documentation Team.

Writer Guide v3.4 published

The full compiled Writer Guide v3.4 has been published to the documentation wiki (ODT, PDF).

Tomorrow I’ll publish the printed version, if cooperates. Will post again when that’s done.

A few of the chapter files on the wiki differ in minor ways from the chapters in the full book. When I get a chance, I will be revising and replacing the chapter files to match the book.

Huge thanks to everyone on the LibreOffice Documentation Team who helped get this book done.

More user guide chapters available

More chapters of LibreOffice user guides are going up on the wiki.

The active user docs team is small but awesome. We could use a few more volunteers: people who can do good work with little supervision, once we help you get started.