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LibreOffice 6.3 released

On 8 August 2019, The Document Foundation announced the release of LibreOffice 6.3, a feature-rich major release with better performance, a large number of new and improved features, and enhanced interoperability with proprietary document format: Writer and Calc performance has been improved by an order of magnitude based on documents provided by end users: text …

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Two free alternatives to MS Office

The Windows Secrets newsletter has an article by Fred Langa dated March 14, 2013, titled Two free, full-blown alternatives to MS Office that features LibreOffice and OpenOffice. The article mentions several features that particularly appeal to users of older (pre-2007) versions of MS Office who have been reluctant to move to newer versions: unlike Office …

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Making a PDF anyone can edit

Simon Phipps has made a how-to video about making hybrid PDFs, demonstrating the feature described in his ComputerWorld UK article The Magic of Editable PDFs, which I had blogged about previously.

The Magic of Editable PDFs

I’m a bit late in linking to Simon Phipps’ article, The Magic of Editable PDFs, but it’s such a great tip that you need to know about it (if you don’t already). Here’s a sample: Did you know you can send a final document as a PDF attachment that everyone will be able to open …

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