LibreOffice on the Mac App store, at last!

Collabora announced on 18 June 2015:

The world’s most popular Open Source Office Suite is now available on OS X via one-step install following Collabora Productivity’s launch today of two new apps in the Mac App Store. End-users can get LibreOffice on OS X with automatic updates, long-term maintenance, and optional professional support, for the first time.

For US$10 LibreOffice-from-Collabora provides the enterprise-hardened productivity suite for business and public sector, including three years of maintenance updates.

You can get it here.

For those who don’t want or need the enterprise-level product, you can get LibreOffice Vanilla free here.

Collabora also announced:

The LibreOffice Vanilla app is almost identical to the latest copy of LibreOffice Fresh by Document Foundation contributors. It comes fresh from them, to you, after packaging by Collabora, and distribution by Apple.

LibreOffice for Mac will continue to be available for free download directly from the LibreOffice website, along with versions for Windows and Linux.